A3 Pro DTF Printer

The printing industry has experienced rapid growth in recent years as more and more organizations turn to DTF printers. With “Printer Direct to Film” or “Printer DTF” you can get a wide range of colors with simplicity, convenience and consistent performance. Additionally, the DTF printer is now a reliable and cost-effective machine. So, let’s take a deep dive into what Direct to Film Printer can do for you. Especially our A3 DTF Pro printer.

ModelTk-A3 Pro (A3 Pro DTF Printer)
Nozzle Model2*Epson XP600
High-speed Mode4.5㎡/h
HD Mode3.5㎡/h
Color4C+W or 6C+W ( Lc Lm or Fluorescent as Optional )
Printing Format300mm (12 inch)
Media TransferPaper Tension
Heating DeviceFront and Back Heating
Ink Road SystemAutomatic Ink Supply, White Ink Circulating and Stirring
Power Electric Supply110V/220V 50-60HZ
Working EnvironmentTemperature 10-38℃ Humidity 40-70ph
WeightMachine:130kg  Package:50kg
Package Size170*120*85cm
Area of Whole Machine160*110*70cm

What is the direct-to-film process

Direct to film, or DTF, is a process that utilizes a heat-press mechanism to transfer prints to fabrics or other substrates. Fabric or other substrates using a heat press machine. Unlike the DTG method, which is only applicable to cotton fabrics, the printer DTF method can be applied to cotton and polyester blended fabrics.

A3 Pro DTF Transfer Printer

As the name suggests, direct-to-film printers allow you to print designs on film and transfer them directly to the intended surface, such as fabric. The key reason why printer DTF is getting more and more attention is that it gives you the freedom to print on almost any surface?
DTF printer technology allows you to easily print on cotton, polyester
Buy ter, synthetic or silk without any hassle. Additionally, DTFprinters can work on dark and white fabrics without pressing on expensive A and B paper.

Is a DTF printer worth buying

First of all, implementing printer DTF in your printing business does not require a large investment. Whether you’re new to the printing industry or looking to tweak DTFprinting to grow your business, it’s worth taking a closer look at these printers.
DTF retrofit printers usually come with multi-color ink t&NK. These tanks provide the printer with the convenience of operating with CMYK settings. DTF printer inks are specifically designed for this process.
Additionally, the DTF process eliminates the use of scroll wheels that previously caused the page to slide. This corrects the appearance of any lining on the white layer print. So if you are. DTF is a flawless final design printing technique that accurately depicts the image you want on fabric.

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